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In order to provide for all the needs of our community, annual membership dues comprise the largest portion of the shul revenue that supports our yearly budget.

Dues for 5783 will remain the same at:

  • Family: 1,500 NIS
  • Single:  750 NIS
  • New-members: 1350 NIS (discount of 10% for first year)
  • Associate membership: 600 NIS (intended only for those people who are full members in another beit knesset)

Building Fund: As always, we ask that everyone who has not completed payment of their building fund pledge to continue moving in that direction. If you are not yet a building fund member we strongly encourage you to sign up now and begin making donations towards the total building fund amount of 7,000 NIS along with your membership dues for the upcoming year. Building Fund payments are essential for payment of our capital expenses. This is a suggested commitment of every family in our kehilla, and payments may be spread out over time. Payment of the building fund entitles your family to priority with respect to seats for Yamim Noraim, discounts on use of the Ulam Selesny Simcha Hall, and other privileges.

BMTL Membership Dues & Seating 5783


After you submit the membership/seating form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay by credit card online.

Multiple payments can only be accepted using an Israeli credit card or post dated checks. If one uses a credit card from outside of Israel only one payment in its entirety will be accepted.

If you wish to pay by check(s), Please e-mail to coordinate a time to deliver the checks. All checks should be filled out in advance.

Associate Membership: The Sheinfeld community is served by a number of batei knesset and there are many people who are full members of one beit knesset and yet attend tefillot or other activities at other batei knesset. To enable those who are full members of other batei knesset but regularly avail themselves of our services and to support our shul, we offer associate membership. Associate members are entitled to discounts on use of the Ulam Selesny Simcha Hall and other privileges. Associate membership dues are NIS 600. Please note that associate membership is intended only for those people who are full members in another beit knesset.

If you would like to be a member of BMTL but are unable to meet the dues, please contact Yehuda Aaronson via email or 054-531-7988 to arrange accommodations, which will be kept in the strictest of confidence.,

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