Learning Dedication

Each week there is an opportunity to sponsor the learning in the shul. The cost is 360 NIS and can be paid using the form found here.  A tax (israel) deductible receipt will be issued upon payment.

If you would like to sponsor a week of learning in our shul, please fill out this form or contact Roni Lebovitz at ylebovitz@gmail.com

We thank the following people for graciously sponsoring this week's learning:
- Roni and Tzippy Lebovitz in memory of Ron's grandfather, Yair ben Avraham ע''ה whose yahrzeit is Rosh Chodesh Shevat and in honor of his great great grandson, Yair Chaim, who was named after him this week.
- Tokayer family in memory of Tzippi's ע''ה brother Shalom Moshe ben Avraham ע''ה (Michael Selesny), whose yarhzeit is on Shevat 3.
- R. Simcha and Sara Sterzer, in memory of Sara's mother רבקה בת ר' יהודה הלוי פרידמן ע''ה whose Yahrzeit is on 4 Shevat
- Barbara and Peretz Silverman in memory of: Barbara’s mother Shaina Fruma bat Chaim (yahrzeit is 28 Tevet) and Peretz’s mother Raizel Hinda bat Avraham Mordecai (yahrzeit is 1 Shvat)
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