Learning Dedication

Each week there is an opportunity to sponsor the learning in the shul. The cost is 360 NIS and can be paid using the form found here.  A tax (israel) deductible receipt will be issued upon payment.

If you would like to sponsor a week of learning in our shul, please fill out this form or contact Roni Lebovitz at ylebovitz@gmail.com

We thank the following people for graciously sponsoring this week's learning:
Geoffrey and Mimi Rochwarger in memory of Geoffrey's father יצחק טוביה בן נפתלי הירץ ע''ה whose yahrzeit is 6 Marcheshvan
Sandor and Susie Joffe in memory of Susie's mother Rut bat Hershel Tzvi, ע''ה, whose yahrtzeit is on 7 Marcheshvan
Michael and Ida Ben-Ari in memory of Michael's father, Ezra ben Simcha ע''ה. Yom Petirato is 7 Marcheshvan
Leah and David Benscher in memory of David's mother אלטע ביילע בת יהודה ע"ה whose yahrzeit will be 9 Marcheshvan
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