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Learning Dedications

Sponsor a week of learning at BMTL

When Bet Midrash Torani Leumi was established, the intention was that the shul would be a center of Torah learning for the entire community. Baruch Hashem, the shul continues to grow and this dream is becoming a reality. Over the past year several new shiurim have been added, and during the course of a week there are more than 30 shiurim! We have come to realize that this dream has a cost as well. As a result of the increased usage of the shul in time and space, costs for cleaning the shul and electricity for lighting and air conditioning have risen dramatically. In lieu of making yet another appeal and in order to help defray these costs, we are instituting a new program.

We are offering the opportunity to sponsor all of the learning in the shul each week. The learning for the week could be dedicated in memory of a loved one, for a refuah shlemah, or in honor of a special person or event. There will be a dedication board posted in shul with the name of the person for whom the learning is dedicated and the magidei shiur will be asked to make mention of it as well. This will also be announced in shul on the preceding shabbos, and in the email announcements.

We encourage everyone to pass this along to relatives who may not live in our community but would like to commemorate a yahrtzeit or honor someone in this special way so that we may continue to be a model of harbatzat Torah for our families and community. More than one person could also share one week of learning, or a whole shiur might choose to dedicate one week.

We are asking 360 shekel as a donation for each week.
Please contact Roni Lebovitz for more information, 054-234-2075


Pnina and David Rosenstark in memory of their grandmothers Breindel bat Simcha Natan A'H whose yahrzeit is 8 Iyar, and Alta Zlata Perel bat Yaakov A'H whose yahrzeit is 10 Iyar

If you would like to sponsor a week of learning in our shul, please contact Roni Lebovitz, (02) 992-1829