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Bet Midrash Torani Leumi Night Kollel

HaRav Avishai David, Rosh Kollel

The Givat Sharett Neighborhood Night Kollel, headed by HaRav Avishai David, is open for all men in the community & greater Bet Shemesh.

It takes place Sunday - Thursday evenings, from 8:00 pm - 10:15 pm (Maariv included) in Bet Midrash Torani Leumi (corner of Reuven & Asher Streets).

The curriculum includes Gemara (currently Kiddushin Perek 1) and Hilchot Shabbat. Rav David provides mareh mekomot, and gives the Gemara and Halacha shiurim on Wednesday nights, 8:00 - 10:15 (breaking at 9:30 for Maariv).

There are monthly bechinot on Gemara, Rashi and Tosafot (mandatory for those who have qualified for a stipend).

Everyone is welcome to attend without any prior arrangements, but it would be appreciated if you could contact us if you are interested in attending. If you would like to attend the nightly seder but lack a chavruta, call us and we can try to arrange one for you.

For more information (regarding the stipend, scheduling, etc..), email or call Tal Biber (999-1205) or Tzvi Escott (991-5878).

It is recommended to bring the following sefarim: Gemara Kiddushin with Meforshim and a Small set of Rambam. To view the current mar'eh mekomot, click here. To hear kollel shiurim in MP3 format, click here


Barbara and Peretz Silverman in memory of Peretz's father Meir ben Ephraim Fischel HaCohen z'l (yahrzeit 15 Elul) and Barbara's brother Rachmiel David ben Avram Chaim z'l (yahrzeit 13 Elul).

Jeff and Elyssa Aftel in honor of Adeena and Noam's wedding this week.

If you would like to sponsor a week of learning in our shul, please contact Roni Lebovitz, (02) 992-1829